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Mural Art Glazed Graffiti

Yuri van Poppel















Projecten Glazed Graffiti Yuri van Poppel



 The world’s first graffiti mural spray painted with ceramic glaze

Project: Garden mural

Location: Tilburg, The Netherlands

Technique: Glazed Graffiti

Dimensions: 225 x 450 cm

Material: Handmade stoneware tile, spray painted ceramic glaze

 About Glazed Graffiti

Glazed Graffiti was born out of the desire to write graffiti that lasts forever. To make this shift from ephemeral to eternal, graffiti writer SunkOne had to cross the boundaries of traditional street graffiti. By changing the context of street tagging he wants to further explore the aesthetics of what is often labeled as vandalism. To him, the tactility, opacity and shine of ceramic glaze mirrored the mesmerizing appearance of wet paint and ink, so he set out to engineer a spray can that would enable him to paint with ceramic glaze without losing what he loves most about graffiti: the raw energy and the rudimentary lines. With these air pressurized spray cans he is free to move around ceramic objects and surfaces and capture the powerful visual language of graffiti writing in large scale graphic compositions

Hand made, hand painted All the stoneware tiles for Glazed Graffiti are made in-house by the people of Cor Unum. Working with a selected base color of clay, the individual tiles are hand shaped exclusively for each project. After bisque firing in the kiln all the tiles are carefully checked before they are positioned on a vertical painting rig. Air pressurized and refillable spray cans especially engineered for this project enable the artist to freely move around and transfer the energy of speed and body movement onto the tile panel mural. The composition is build up in layers during various sessions of painting by hand. The tiles are then ready for the final days of glaze firing, building up to the moment when the kiln finally reveals the magic of all these interacting layers and textures.


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Produktnummer : 6821

Glazed graffiti handgevormde tegels

Steengoed rond de 10m2.
Graffiti op handgevormde tegels van steengoed door Cor Unum €2238,50/m2

Produktnummer : 6835

Glazed Graffiti tegels Mosa
Aardewerk rond de 10m2.
Graffiti op Mosa tegels €1875,50 /m2

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