Grow in Your Own Way

Cor Unum challenges students and alumni (max. 1 year graduate) to participate in the Design Contest ‘Grow’. Ambassadors Gijs Wouters and Ruben Hoogvliet from Atelier Fig. urge you to answer the following question: How can designs positively contribute to the changing needs of humans and nature? Consider what you find important and what you want to foster.

Seeking Balance

Growth is a dynamic process of development and progress. Unfortunately, as humans, we have significantly exceeded sustainable boundaries through our actions. But can this behavior also contribute to promoting a good balance? We call upon designers and agents of change to experience, safeguard, and above all, stimulate a connection with nature and the surrounding environment. How do you harness the power of ceramics for a fruitful future? Let your creativity flourish.

We invite you to contemplate themes directly related to this topic. Consider biomimicry, for instance. Draw inspiration from nature’s ingenious solutions and beautiful forms and structures. Or explore the concept of ‘Small Green Happiness’, where you devise designs that promote the well-being of both humans and nature on a small scale. Ponder on how ceramic designs can contribute to the integration of greenery in urban environments, both on a micro and macro level. Additionally, delve into questions such as: How can ceramic designs establish emotional and sensory connections with nature? Or how can growth processes be incorporated into ceramic objects, considering organic growth, patterns, and structures? Furthermore, we encourage you to conduct botanical research and explore innovative projects related to nutrition. Embark on a journey to discover the origins of materials or think beyond conventional production methods. Explore the ‘green’ possibilities that lie ahead.


I’m in / You can register here via the link.

The deadline for registration is April 8, 2024.

Here it is / Monday, April 15, 2024 Deadline for submitting prototype in Den Bosch.

You’re the one / End of April 2024 Announcement of nominees

Here I am / May 23, 2024 Pitch by the nominees and award ceremony


The permanent jury consists of chairperson Mary Hessing (Editor-in-Chief of WOTH), Bao Ya Fei (Design Curator), Anne van der Zwaag (Director and owner of OBJECT Rotterdam), and Charlotte Landsheer (Director of Cor Unum). This year, designers Gijs Wouters and Ruben Hoogvliet (Atelier Fig.) will serve as guest jury members.


From the submissions, 15 designs will be nominated. These will be exhibited a few weeks prior to the jury day at Cor Unum. On the jury day, a 1st (€500), 2nd (€300), and 3rd (€200) prize will be awarded. Additionally, a public prize will be selected from the exhibited nominated entries by visitors. The winner will receive a €100 gift voucher from Cor Unum. The winner of the first prize will be guided by and at Cor Unum in researching the production of their design and bringing it to market.

Designer Business Boost!

In addition, we are organizing a ‘Designer Business Boost’ masterclass for all 15 nominees on June 6. How do you market your product? How do you determine the value of a design? Director Lotte Landsheer (Cor Unum) and Renee Mennen and Stefanie van Keijsteren (Studio Rens) share their stories, experiences and provide tools that provide motivation and inspiration for you, as a starting entrepreneur!

Conditions for Participation

  •  The submitted prototype may be in any desired material but must ultimately be producible in earthenware or porcelain.
  •  You grant Cor Unum permission to produce your design.
  • You give permission to use your design and presentation in publications.
  • You give permission for your design to be part of an exhibition.
  •  Once your design is nominated, it is expected that you attend the award ceremony or be available online.

Contact? Email Babette and Monique or call 073 303 0058.