• Object Schaal
  • Jaar 2008, Re-Edition 2019
  • Materiaal Aardewerk
  • Afmeting 48 x 48 x 17  cm

The ‘Atlantis’ bowl with a 45 cm diameter, is named after the myth of Atlantis. The theme for these ceramic objects was inspired by the evolutionary shapes of nature. An emphasis of a repetition of structure like those on sea live for example, was laid on in these designs.

The repetition of curves in this seemingly craft, were developed with very high-tech advanced Cad Cam programs and used to create a ‘mother form’ for acasting-mould. By rotation, division and reflection the Atlantis came to existence.

This project finally resulted in a wonderful but very complex basic shapes which is partially due to the highest technological knowledge of producer cor Unum The Netherlands.